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Last updated May 2016


'Daylight saving is a virus that thrives on rejection.' - Michael Downing

Daylight saving was first introduced to Tasmania in 1968 and to the Australian mainland in 1971. After a short trial period, the more temperate southern states of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia continued to change their clocks each October and March; however, tropical Queensland and the hot desert states of Western Australia and the Northern Territory chose to keep standard time all year round.

Since that time, Queensland has come under continued pressure to 'join' daylight saving in order to be in sync with the rest of the eastern seaboard. This pressure, which is overwhelmingly driven by the south-east business sector and metropolitan media, still divides and disrupts the state.

Queensland's strong case against daylight saving - the fact that it is hot, sub-tropical and nearly homogenous in its seasonal daylight patterns - continually fails to be heard, let alone taken seriously. All too frequently, daylight saving opposition is portrayed as parochial fundamentalism, not as a common sense choice. The Light of Day website makes a long overdue attempt to redress this imbalance.


To Light of Day readers:

The Light of Day wishes to thank the many people from all over Queensland and the world, who have contacted us since the website started in 2002, offering praise, encouragement and helpful information.

According to our emails, it seems the Light of Day has helped win school debates and helped students score 'A's on assignments. Journalists have used the site for reference and politicians have even used it for the odd speech or two.

We have received emails from daylight saving opponents all over the world bemoaning, among other things: the annoying imposition of having to change up to twenty household time pieces twice a year; the utter uselessness of having to defer summer sunsets to 10 pm and beyond; fatigue at having to cope with the twice-a-year disruptions to body clocks; the relief in finding out how many others hate daylight saving too; outrage at all the 'daylight bias' in the media (which seems to be near universal); and the tedium of having to endure ridicule, taunts and accusations of anti-progress.

Oh, yes ... and we have also received emails from the pro-daylight camp, castigating us for our 'profound stupidity', our 'insularity', our unwillingness to 'move into the twentieth-first century', and our 'selfish' insistence on 'holding Queensland back'.