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2007 QLD Govt
research: review

Why is Brisbane
afraid of the dark?

Dual time zone or 'double standard' time

When a faded curtain is
not a joke

Hold back the night

Light without progress

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Epilogue - 'At the End of the Day'


Back when the nation was in its prime
They invented a thing called 'Standard Time'
The clocks had been dithering, all of a bother
And now they finally agreed with each other.

But such are the ways of human nature
- And this was not lost on those men of stature
Who decide what we earn and how we spend -
That stability is a dangerous trend.

'Seize the day!' they boomed. 'And the daylight, too!
Rule the sun before it rules you!
Time's a commodity to be bought and sold!
Control the clocks and you won't grow old!'

Then a battle raged between larks and owls,
Between north and south - and still it howls.
Between colder climes and tropical days
The clocks again move in mysterious ways.

The south does a barndance, forward and back.
The north does a softshoe, slow but not slack.
And, when all's said and done at the end of the day,
Time merely laughs at what the clocks say.


(c) 2001 Light of Day